Competitive Program


  • To provide the opportunity for each gymnast to reach their full potential.
  • To provide the opportunity for each gymnast to demonstrate and compete for Horizon Gymnastics Club.
  • To provide a training facility that is safe and an environment that is conducive to effective training.
  • To promote overall personal development including self-discipline, motivation, courage, dedication, and good sportsmanship.
  • To follow the standards established by the Alberta Gymnastics Federation to ensure all technical and program requirements are being met.


The Competitive Program is designed for those gymnasts who have demonstrated exceptional talent in gymnastics as well as other qualities which may include: age, ability, body type, determination, flexibility, and competitive spirit.

Gymnasts are normally identified for the Competitive Program by the Competitive Program Director and club coaches through try-outs. 


1. LEAP (Let's Evaluate Athlete's Progress)

Basic Gymnastics skills include dance and conditioning.  The training is geared toward selection to Provincial Stream and National Stream.  Advancement to Provincial Stream is contingent upon skills, mental attitude, potential, desire, etc..

The LEAP program is NOT a competitive program; it is a developmental program for athletes between 6 and 9 years of age.  Advancing from one level to the next in LEAP occurs as a result of proper preparation and proper basics.

There are two components to the LEAP program: Physical Ability and Skills.  The Physical Ability component focuses on developing the flexibility and strength necessary for gymnastics.  The Skills component focuses on learning proper basics and skills to allow these young athletes to aid in the advancement of their gymnastics.


LEAP Framework

Level Physical Ability Percentage to Pass Skill Percentage to Pass
Copper (6 to 9 years) 70% 70%
Bronze (6 to 9 years) 70% 70%
Silver (7 to 9 years) 70% 70%
Gold (8 to 9 years) 70% 70%

Canadian Junior Olympic Program

2. Provincial Stream

Junior Olympic Levels 4-7

Athletes in this Provincial Stream compete from levels 4-7. These athletes compete at invitational against other gymnasts their age and level. They have routines and requirements to compete at these meets. They must compete at Northern Zones to qualify for Provincials.

Junior Olympic Level 8

Athletes at level 8 compete at Invitational and Provincials. They must compete at Trials to Westerns for a berth on the team.

3. National Stream

Junior Olympic Levels 9-10

Athletes at level 9-10 compete at Invitationals and compete for a berth on the Alberta Team to Western Canadian Championships and the Alberta Team to National Championships.

High Performance Athletes

Athletes that are High Performance compete routines and requirements at Invitationals and compete for a berth on the Alberta Team to Western Canadian championships and the Alberta Team to National Championships.